FIX DE FIX - The new release System

You have the load, we the solution.


FIX-DE-FIX - a new system for uncoupling loads by remote control to increase safety and save time.

The problem is an old one. After bulky loads have been exactly positioned by crane, “somehow” the load must still be released from the holding cable. Till now that usually required time-consuming and risky “acrobatics” from a courageous employee. But now there’s an end on that! For now there is FIX-DE-FIX, the release system operated by remote control. FIX-DE-FIX, government tasted and approves, opens completely  new possibilities for installation work of up to two tons  per piece of equipment (with safety factor 4). Various  holding devices such as chains, cables, belts, and slings can be easily used, and the complete system is all in all very simple to operate. By saving time and minimizing risks, FIX-DE-FIX soon pays for itself.

FIX-DE-FIX functions easily and safely.

  • Secure the load with the holding chain
  • Place the holding chain in the lift device
  • Lock the lifting clamp
  • Lift the load
  • Set the load down in position an secure it
  • On the FIX-DE-FIX remote control, press the safety button and release button
  • The lifting clamp releases automatically and frees the holding chain


A working unit charge ( crane driver + crane +fitter +mate) costs € 150,-

  • Time saving runs at 10% - which equates to € 15,- per working  unit charge
  • This results in an amortisation period
    of 290 hours
    or 36 work days
    or approx. 2 months